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Hello im trying to create the same effect of jQuery's slideUp and slideDown function with [xui]http://xuijs.com)

so far i have created the fade effect

           fadeOut:function(dur, callback) {       
           this.tween({opacity:'0',duration:dur}, callback);

           fadeIn:function(dur, callback) {       
           this.tween({opacity:'1',duration:dur}, callback);

which has been successful:)

But I am trying to master the slideUp/Down but have no luck. I have tried:

   slideUp:function(dur, callback) {       
       this.tween({height:'0',duration:dur}, callback);

which works on elements without padding and a border. Is there anybody who can help me solve this problem any advice will be greatly appreciated :)

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Not sure if you use GIT but it would be nice to try to add them to github.com/xui/xui-plugins/blob/master/jquery-compat/… I just made a push request for NEXT and IS functions @ github.com/JKirchartz/xui-plugins/blob/master/jquery-compat/… –  JKirchartz Apr 4 '11 at 16:38

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Why not use a fadeOut on the padding & border, or set them to auto or none...

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