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I am playing with my vimrc settings, and enabled the mouse support.

set mouse=a

Now, I miss the copy and paste option with mouse. Normally, if the mouse is not enabled, I could copy text with left click + drag, and paste by right click (in Insert mode). So,

How to get the copy, paste with mouse enabled (with mouse click, not ctrl+v etc). The only option I need with mouse enabled is to click anywhere in the file and the cursor points to that location. This helps faster navigation.

I use putty (x-term) to connect to my debian server.


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Easiest solution is just to hold shift down when you select text, to get the old behavior for mouse-copy. Paste with shift-mouseclick will usually work too.

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thanks..that is a reasonable way, and works too.. let me wait for any other option, else accept this.. thanks –  bsr Feb 6 '11 at 2:53

jkerian's solution is generally what I do, but if you ever find yourself wanting to copy and paste a lot, and getting tired of holding down shift, you can do something like this:

" toggle between terminal and vim mouse
map <silent><F12> :let &mouse=(&mouse == "a"?"":"a")<CR>:call ShowMouseMode()<CR>
imap <silent><F12> :let &mouse=(&mouse == "a"?"":"a")<CR>:call ShowMouseMode()<CR>
function ShowMouseMode()
    if (&mouse == 'a')
        echo "mouse-vim"
        echo "mouse-xterm"
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awesome, this is was exactly what I was looking for, thanks! –  elias Jul 22 '14 at 19:26

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