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I'm working on an Android app which has an activity and a widget. This is currently implemented via two classes in two .java files - one for the activity (extending Activity), one for the widget (extending AppWidgetProvider). Nothing out of the ordinary here as far as I'm aware...

However, the widget class code could be a lot simpler if it was to make use of functions and asynctasks defined in the activity class. Duplicating these functions seems like bad design, so I'm wondering how I can structure the app to make them usable?

Can I extend both Activity and AppWidgetProvider somehow? Can I import one in the other?


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either make the funcs static, or make a 3rd class to hold these funcs

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Move the functions down into a service. Create a Service and you can use context.startService(Intent) from you WigetProvider or from the activity to access the functions.

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