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I am programming my first PHP web app and I have a question:

If I want to redirect the user to another page on the same site, under x conditions, how can I do it?

Is there a way, besides using header ()? I want to use relative paths so I was wondering if there is another way.

Basically my page receives a POST variable, and I want to make it so that if the variable does not meet certain requirements the page redirects you to a different page.

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  • You can create absolute paths on server sid by using $_SERVER['PHP_SELF'] and the like.
  • You can use javascript but this will of course only work if Javascript is enabled.
  • You can use header() with Refresh instead of Location which (as far as I remember) accepts relative addresses) edit: Refresh is NOT standardized, but works in every browser I know.
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You can use a META tag that causes a refresh, or you can use JavaScript to set document.location. But why? You can already get the current URL in the various $_SERVER indexes, and it's easy enough to convert to an absolute URL.

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Header is the best way. If you want to use a relative path try this:

$curPath = dirname($_SERVER['PATH_INFO'] ) . "../relative/path";

You can also use the meta refresh method Don't do this because it can screw up the users back button.:

<meta http-equiv="refresh" content="0;url=relative/path"" />

You can also use some javascript:

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In your doc head try:

<meta http-equiv="Refresh" content="0; url=http://www.example.com/" />

Probably not a best practice though.

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Header is going to be your best bet. It happens on the server side, and doesn't give the user a choice. You can also use a javascript redirect, but it wont work if the client has javascript disabled. You can also do an HTML META Refresh redirect, which users can also turn off.

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