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I am working on an Android project using Eclipse. I want to change the background color of a TextView using one of the colors I've defined in res/values/colors.xml. These colors are all available by using R.color.color_name.

My problem is that this simply won't work. Changing to one of my defined colors always leaves the TextView's background set to its default color, in this case, black. If I use one of Java's built-in colors, it works fine. I'm thinking it's a color definition problem, something involving how I actually define my colors in my XML, but I'm not sure.

// This works:

// This does not work:

// Color Definition: (this is in a separate xml file, not in my Java code)
<color name = "darkgrey">#A9A9A9</color>
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It isn't working because you're setting the background color to the key itself (which is an hexadecimal value like 0x7f050008) instead of its value. To use it's value, try:

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That's exactly it, thank you! –  Phil Ringsmuth Feb 6 '11 at 5:00

Actually it's even easier with this:

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