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I've got a couple Firefox profiles constantly open on my Mac (I'm running Snow Leopard), and I'd like a command that will open a new tab in one of them. I've been trying variations on this:

firefox -P targetProfileName -remote "openurl(http://example.com, new-tab)"

but it keeps complaining that "A copy of Firefox is already open. Only one copy of Firefox can be open at a time." I know it's already open; I want the new tab in the window that's already there. Any idea how to do that? Thanks in advance for the help!

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Try open -a Firefox 'http://example.com/'. This opens the given URL with Firefox, starting it if it doesn't already run.

If you skip the -a Firefox part, then the URL will be opened with the default browser.

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This only works if Firefox is your default browser –  Andrew Eisenberg Nov 24 '12 at 22:42
@AndrewEisenberg: Right. I've updated the answer. –  maxelost Dec 8 '12 at 23:13
Thank you!! This helped me today and will help me in the future. :) –  Jailout2000 Jan 14 at 15:31

If you have Mozilla Firefox already open with the Default profile or anyother profile, try:

Path-To/firefox -remote openurl("http://www.example.org")

Tested and worked for me with Mozilla Firefox from 2.x to 12.x

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I'm not sure how remoting works on the Mac as I don't have one, but on Windows and Linux you can only have one profile enabled for remoting at once; you need to start that profile normally, and and all the other profiles with -no-remote.

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I don't have enough reputation yet to comment on answers, so I'll put my replies down here.

Neil, I can reproduce the behavior you describe on my Linux box, but not on my Mac. I've even tried closing all my Firefox profiles, opening just one, and trying to remote open a tab in that one; I still get this error.

maxelost, that's a possible workaround. It opens the tab in the first profile I opened, so as long as I make sure to open the profiles in a particular order, that's an option.

The workaround I'm leaning towards right now is to make a separate profile that is only used by the application that I want to open new tabs from. In this case, I need to make sure I only open one tab at a time and I remember to close that Firefox profile when I'm done.

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I had the same problem as yours designing my webpage with firefox 17.0+.

Since the profile page is already open, you wound't need the -remote option.

I was trying it as firefox -P webpage -no-remote 'openurl(%p)'

Where %p was argument.

What worked for me was to open in an existing opened profile was:

firefox -P webpage -new-tab '%p%

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