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I read about the basic path/template naming in Drupal, but I couldn't figure out how to handle dynamic URLs.

Say, I have a page on : www.example.com/company/companyname/news - and company name is dynamic. Is there a way that I can create a template page for this, such as page-company-*-news.tpl.php? (which, of course, is an illegal file name). This field, "company name" could also contain hyphens ("-").

I am running Drupal 6, and paths are created with Pathauto.

Thank you, Michael

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I replaced the URL according to RFC 2606. –  Oswald Feb 6 '11 at 7:32

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Add custom template suggestions in a preprocess function. See Working with template suggestions for details.

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Thank you! I also found page node template which I'm trying out now, just to keep it modular. –  m1ke Feb 6 '11 at 8:27

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