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I want an if statement that uses same thingy like mysql something LIKE '%something%'

I want to build an if statement in php.

if ($something is like %$somethingother%)

Is it possible?

The reason for me asking this question is that I don't want to change the MySQL command, it's a long page with many stuff on it, I don't want to build a different function for this.

Let me know if this is possible, if possible then how to do it .

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if ($something is like %$somethingother%)

Is it possible?


I don't want to change the MySQL command, it's a long page with many stuff on it

Use some good editor, that supports regular expressions in find & replace, and turn it to something like:

if(stripos($something, $somethingother) !== FALSE){

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strpos was perfect :) – friendishan Feb 6 '11 at 8:27

I know, this question isn't actual but I've solved similar problem :)

My solution:

 * SQL Like operator in PHP.
 * Returns TRUE if match else FALSE.
 * @param string $pattern
 * @param string $subject
 * @return bool
function like_match($pattern, $subject)
    $pattern = str_replace('%', '.*', preg_quote($pattern, '/'));
    return (bool) preg_match("/^{$pattern}$/i", $subject);


like_match('%uc%','Lucy'); //TRUE
like_match('%cy', 'Lucy'); //TRUE
like_match('lu%', 'Lucy'); //TRUE
like_match('%lu', 'Lucy'); //FALSE
like_match('cy%', 'Lucy'); //FALSE
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I like it - a small change. The pattern line should be $pattern = str_replace('%', '.*', preg_quote($pattern,'/'));. Otherwise forward slashes won't be escaped for preg_match(). – John Reid Jul 8 '15 at 13:12
I've updated my answer. Thanks @JohnReid! – Petr Bugyík Jul 8 '15 at 17:05

look on strstr function

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Use function, that search string in another string like: strstr, strpos, substr_count.

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Example of strstr function:

$myString = "Hello, world!";
echo strstr( $myString, "wor" );                    // Displays 'world!'
echo ( strstr( $myString, "xyz" ) ? "Yes" : "No" ); // Displays 'No'
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