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I want to write a batch script under Windows to ping a specified range of IP addresses. Like I want to ping to and want to check if their response is coming or not under Windows batch script.

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@echo off
for /L %%i in (1,1,10) do (
@echo testing 192.168.0.%%i 
ping 192.168.1.%%i > nul
if ERRORLEVEL 1 @echo error ping %%i )
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Well, the for loop would look like this:

for /l %i in (1,1,10) do ping 192.168.0.%i

So the script would be something like:

for /l %i in (1,1,10) do (
    ping 192.168.0.%i
    if %errorlevel% neq 0 echo error
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Not working .. i saved this code in batch file. –  mr_eclair Feb 6 '11 at 8:50
What else have you tried? ;-) –  Mikel Feb 6 '11 at 8:53
Your "error" line will never print. Use if errorlevel 1 instead. In any case, you don't need it since the output of ping is enough to gauge success or not. –  Joey Feb 6 '11 at 10:38
No, tried that. ping returns a negative integer if the host could not be found. –  Mikel Feb 6 '11 at 10:39

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