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I'm beginner in web development, I wonder what are the available tools for debugging CSS?

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My attempt to cover all browsers (which I have used):

Personally i find myself in the Chrome developer tools, developing on a Macbook, whereas I used to be a solely Firebug tester, but then my goal is not to test in all browsers (as it should be) but rather to just get it working in the browsers I care about!

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The most valuable tool I've run across is Firebug.

Some other browsers also come with developer tools built-in these days.

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just to add that firebug it's an addon of firefox – Sotiris Feb 6 '11 at 9:35

Firebug is generally considered the best in debugging HTML/CSS problems.

Safari and Google Chrome's built in Webkit Developer Tools are also pretty good.

There are also developer tools for Internet Explorer if it's a browser-specific issue, but they're not as powerful or easy to use as Firebug or Webkit's Developer Tools.

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