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I have an asp mvc project. I'm wondering, what's the difference between building the solution and then copying bin and all other views/scripts/images/style sheets and publishing (besides the obvious work of copying files). I'm asking because i want to automate my deployment with rake and I can't use web deployment because it's not compatible with mono.

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Depending on your version of Visual Studio and settings, Publishing typically does two main things in addition to the build

  • Packages the solution -- usually into some standard format (WebDeploy, Web Project)

  • Automates deployment -- typically hooks something like MSdeploy ("web deploy") to synchronize the site with a local or remote IIS setting

So in terms of what you are deploying, there is no difference. The build and output files are the same. Publishing is simply allowing a developer a simple path of packaging + deploy, which you are handling with rake.

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BTW Have you looked Uppercut this tool could be very useful in your build process.

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