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As the title says :)

I've been waiting for Wrox to release "Professional silverlight 2.0" for ages but it's been delayed by nearly a year and I want to have a Play with silverlight.

Ignoring the site, does anyone know of any good beginners tutorials that focus on coding in Visual Studio instead of Blend?


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I'm currently running through this set of tutorials. Have been quite useful as a very basic primer into the world of Silverlight.

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+1, Scott's blog is a good one to track for Silverlight related stuff. – Richard Szalay Jan 29 '09 at 12:02

I wrote a 57-page article for Wrox Press called "Jumping from ASP.NET to Silverlight 2". It is focused on ramping up on the basics, and doesn't involve Blend. And it's seven bucks.

Link is here

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Jesse Liberty's blog has masses of useful learning material including tutorials and videos - highly recommended.

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Take a look at this MSDN Silverlight page.

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While not strictly a tutorial, my collegue has been reading Pro Silverlight in C# 2008 and from what I heard, he's very pleased with it. Sure, it's not free, but maybe it'll hold you over until Professional silverlight 2.0 is released? :)

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I've been looking at Silverlight 2 In Action and Silverlight 2 Unleashed and pretty happy with both

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While not exactly tutorials, the videos on the MS official Silverlight website has good videos on all kinds of topics.
start here
And watch the many screencasts here

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Videos have been very helpful to me:

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