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I have a jsTree of a filesystem, folders and files, and I would like to drag a file node from the tree and drop it into an input field, inserting the full pathname into the form field.

Currently, when I attempt to drag any node from the tree into the form field, I get back the URL of the web page, along with a hash mark, e.g. https://example.com/#. If I change the link href of the node's data, the hash changes to the new href, but I still get the protocol and host (https://example.com/newHref).

Assuming the modification I described is possible, how would I configure the jsTree and form to accomplish this?

Thanks for your advice.

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If using a JSON data source, when adding an href attribute to the data list's attr list, it seems helpful to use the file:// protocol, e.g.:

  "data" : {
     "icon" : "/js/_demo/folder.png",
     "title" : "workspace",
     "attr" : {
        "href" : "file:///home/areynolds/workspace"
  "attr" : {
     "rel" : "folder",
     "id" : "/home/areynolds/workspace"
  "state" : "closed"

The node's link can then be dragged and dropped into an HTML input field.

One could either use the file:// href as-is, or use a bit of JavaScript or jQuery to clean up the path.

If using an HTML data source, using file:// in the anchor's href accomplishes the same result.

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