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I am using SQL Server 2008 R2. I have imported 2 tables from excel and I want to link them together. I looks like this:

Tables imported from Excel

brand (nvarchar(20) name)
models (nvarchar(20) parent, nvarchar(50 name))

Tables after my amends

brand (int ident id, nvarchar(20) name, tinyint status)
models (int ident id, int parent_id,
                  nvarchar(20) parent, nvarchar(50) name, tinyint status)

As you can see I'd like to link table models using parent_id to table brand using id.

Select is ok, I have done that.

What I need is create bulk update which would put brand id into model parent_id.

Conditions are:

set models.parent_id = where = model.parent

I hope it is clear. Basically I want to change linking field model.parent to model.parent_id. There is a possibility that can change and if that happens table models would be unable to link to correct parent.

And I want to do that in bulk, to go through all the records in brand and update all relevant records in models.

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  parent_id =
   models m
   brand b ON = m.parent

I'd them assume you want to remove models.parent

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UPDATE models
SET parent_id =
FROM brand
WHERE = models.parent
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