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During the loading of the site have a div fixed to the top of the browser window named #topbar start off at height: 100% & opacity: 1.0 and .animate() down to height: 2px & opacity: 0.2.

This animation will broadcast upon the loading of any page of the site; it just has to be the first page load of each new session. If a visitor leaves the site and then reloads any page from it 5 minutes later, they will see this same animation take place once again.

How can one accomplish this via jQuery?

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via jQuery alone? storing the state in a cookie? – The Scrum Meister Feb 6 '11 at 12:12

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According to:

With that in mind I would use Ajax to set some sort of Session. ie: <?php session_start(); $_SESSION['animate']=true; $_SESSION['animate_time']=time(); ?>

And you can check if the session is set and the time when it was created.

$time_till_animate = 60*5;//5 minutes
if(isset($_SESSION['animate']) && isset($_SESSION['animate_time'])){
if((time()-$_SESSION['animate_time']) > $time_till_animate){

from then on you are set.

PS: I'm sure there are plenty of better ways to do it. (not sure if you use PHP, just ignore if you dont)

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cookies the best way as The Scrum Meister pointed.

check is there any foobar cookie if yes than not to do the animaztion, if not then set a cookie for 5 minutes expire or what start the animation

and another code is good: on every page create an ajax function which resets the expiration time

for example

setcookie(date) //this sets your cookies you should implement for yourself
func setagain() {

if(iscookie() == true) {
else {

cookies tutorial:

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