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I get exception when i try to post to facebook.I am using facebook sdk at codeplex and excption string is

A member with the name 'Padding' already exists on 'System.Windows.Forms.TabControl'. Use the JsonPropertyAttribute to specify another name.

code is

 FacebookApp app = new FacebookApp(myToken.Default.appId);
            dynamic parameters = new ExpandoObject();
            parameters.message = textBoxMassPostMessage.Text;

            if (post == PostType.Link)
                parameters.link = textBoxMassPostLink.Text;
                parameters.picture = postLinkPictureUrl[thumbnailMassPostPicture];
                parameters.name = textBoxArticleTitle.Text;
                parameters.caption = textBoxCaption.Text;
                parameters.description = textBoxDescription;
                //parameters.actions = new
                //    name = "View on Zombo",
                //    link = "http://www.zombo.com",
            dynamic result = app.Post(id + "/feed", parameters);

what is the wrong?

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Change parameters.description = textBoxDescription to textBoxDescription.Text.

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o man what a silly mistake i have made – Afnan Bashir Feb 6 '11 at 13:18
why compiler is not giving any error – Afnan Bashir Feb 6 '11 at 13:18
@Afnan: Because of dynamic. You're throwing away most compile-time sanity checks by using it. – Matti Virkkunen Feb 6 '11 at 13:24

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