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We're about to submit an update for our iPhone app, and we want to test it exhaustively. We'd like to hire a professional QA group that specializes in iPhone app testing. Unfortunately, my web searches haven't revealed anything promising.

Are there any professional QA groups that can take an app and thoroughly test it on every combination of iPhone/iPod/iPad with every version of the iOS?

For previous updates we've simply done an ad-hoc distribution with several users, but we're looking for something better.

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Make sure who ever you use tests on real devices and not only in a simulated environment! –  ing0 Oct 21 '13 at 17:02

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Sculpin ( http://www.sculpinqa.com/ ) is used by some very popular (top-20) iOS games, but is game centric.

uTest ( http://www.utest.com/ ) is something I've been interested in using, but have no personal experience with and can only recommend you look further into.

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Thanks. I saw utest.com as a paid result in my searches, but the link simply went to a "free whitepaper", and their landing page made no sense. I'd love to hear from somebody who used them though. I'll also take a look at sculpin. –  Greg Feb 6 '11 at 15:17

I found these two iOS-specific testing QA services:



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