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I am really struggling with this. I have decided to switch to Passenger after having so many struggles with Passenger/Ruby on Apache. Ruby processes kept chewing up CPU, and taking 30 minutes to process a syntax error in a view.

So now I have the same problem. I installed Passenger no problem. Followed the directions to use Passenger to download and install Passenger. Done. I am using Ruby Enterprise version.

I added the Passenger-specified server entry into my nginx.conf for my Rails 3 application. nginx -t says the syntax of the conf file is good.

I start nginx with:

sudo nginx

seems to start. Then I go to the url I specified in my conf file and it just CHURNS. I can see in Activity Monitor that a ruby processor comes up and just SPINS, chewing up CPU as it goes. Up to 100% until I have to reboot my machine.

What is wrong? This is maddening, I REALLY appreciate any help.

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Can you show us your nginx.conf? Which OS? – Nerian Feb 6 '11 at 17:03
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That sounds more like your server has so little RAM that it can't even start a single Rails process without swapping to death. Try running script/console from a terminal. Does that work and does it work quickly?

It's either that, or you have a bug in your application's startup code which causes this behavior.

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You are right on, Hongli. I had a screwup in my CanCan Ability class that was doing a blind query from my most populous table. Tons of RAM, but not enough for this problem! – AKWF Feb 7 '11 at 14:39

Take a look at:


Slicehost is also an excellent source for this kind of help (though I'm not sure if they have a Passenger/nginx tutorial at the moment):


I've used tutorials from both sites and they are very clear and helpful.

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