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I have a basic but serviceable web hosting plan, but it doesn't support all the Java EE functionality I want to experiment with.

I've been thinking of signing up for some kind of VPS or Amazon ec2 service so I have a machine on the web that I can tinker with; that is, having direct control to install my own servers and databases and so on.

Where's a good inexpensive place to go to get started with a simple VPS system? Or is ec2 the right place for me?

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated, thanks! rob

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Instance Types
ec2 Pricing
(If you have non trivial bandwidth/storage requirements, you will have to factor those into the price equation accordingly)

Yes, you will have "direct control to install your own software"

  1. Is this a good place to start? - yes
  2. Is this the best/cheapest available option? - depends
  3. Does it give you direct control over the "machine"? - yes
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