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Is it possible to know the name of a function in itself ?


  io:write("I am ~s !",[????]).
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You can use:

{current_function, {M, F, A}} = process_info(self(), current_function)

Where A is the arity (number of arguments), not the actual arguments. The first argument is a process id which can be either the current process (self()) or an other process. For example:

1> process_info(self(), current_function).

Note however, that while this would be functionally equivalent to a theoretical ?FUNCTION macro, it's tremendously slower than say ?MODULE because it is evaluated in runtime.

See this Erlang mailing list discussion for more info on why a ?FUNCTION macro would be hard to implement in the first place.

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at runtime, you could throw an exception and check the top of the stacktrace.

foo() ->
    catch throw(away),
    [{Module, Fun, Arity} | _] = erlang:get_stacktrace(),
    io:format("I am ~p:~p/~p!~n",[Module, Fun, Arity]).
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