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I'm having trouble getting Maven to download dependencies when I specify my repositories in my .m2/settings.xml file. However, Maven downloads these dependencies when I add the repository names to my pom.

Specifically, I am attempting to compile some hibernate example projects, and I've read in the instructions that I should add the following repositories to either my pom or settings.xml:

          <name>JBoss Public Repository Group</name>
            <name>JBoss Public Repository Group</name>

Everything works fine when I put the snippet in my project's pom.xml, but when I try putting it in settings.xml I receive this error:

The POM for org.hibernate:hibernate-core:jar:3.6.1.Final is missing, no dependency information available

Any ideas what I may be doing wrong?

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Hi, can you please tell me what is the url inside <repository> . Which location svn or nexus. I want to deploy into nexus release from svn . –  JDeveloper Sep 10 '13 at 7:20

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You must have specified <repositories> and <pluginRepositories> within <profile> tag of settings.xml. Possibly this profile is not active. Ensure one of the below is present in your settings file.



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Thanks Raghuram! I had it in a <profile>, but did not know about making active. –  NobodyMan Feb 7 '11 at 16:08

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