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What are are the proper UIAccessibility traits and handlers required to make a UISlider usable with VoiceOver enabled?

Are there any descriptions of how a user might use a UISlider with VoiceOver enabled?

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Here's what I ended up adding to a UISlider for VoiceOver accessibility:

[ mySlider setIsAccessibilityElement:YES ];
[ mySlider setAccessibilityLabel:@"This slider controls blah blah etc...." ];

And in the target method for the control event UIControlEventValueChanged:

[ mySlider setAccessibilityValue = [ NSString stringWithFormat:@"Blah blah is set to %3.1f", mySlider.value];

With VoiceOver enabled, this slider then spoke the new value as I swiped up and down (not back and forth) over it after setting the focus to that slider.

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