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Im having a new concept im trying out and it would require me to strip out all none required libraries within a typical PHP Install.

Within the main PHP folder we have a set of Dll files that i can't seem to figure out what there used for and im seeking some help.

the PHP installation that im basing my project is PHP 5.3.5 Win32 x86 which has the following set of files I need to figure out what they are used for.

05/01/2011  20:36        11,361,792 icudt38.dll
05/01/2011  20:36         1,140,224 icuin38.dll
05/01/2011  20:36            41,472 icuio38.dll
05/01/2011  20:36           187,904 icule38.dll
05/01/2011  20:36            42,496 iculx38.dll
05/01/2011  20:36            50,176 icutest.dll
05/01/2011  20:36            99,840 icutu38.dll
05/01/2011  20:36         1,093,120 icuuc38.dll
05/01/2011  20:36         1,019,392 libeay32.dll
05/01/2011  20:36            43,008 libenchant.dll
05/01/2011  20:36            44,544 libenchant_ispell.dll
05/01/2011  20:36           293,888 libenchant_myspell.dll
05/01/2011  20:36            97,792 libpq.dll
05/01/2011  20:36            68,608 libsasl.dll
05/01/2011  20:36           805,200 php5embed.lib
05/01/2011  20:36           209,408 ssleay32.dll

ive already isolated several files that I know are required such as php5.dll, can anyone shed some light on what these are so I can choose weather I should include them within my project.


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A bit tenuous this one. (Is this programming or sys admin?) Irrespective, a quick Google search for each of the above .dll files should tell you the relevant module/extension it provides support for. – middaparka Feb 6 '11 at 20:54
i have tried but failed to find an exact answer for what there used for within the php distribution. – RobertPitt Feb 6 '11 at 20:56
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There's a list of the various extensions within the "Installation of extensions on Windows" section of the PHP manual that provides some additional clues, but here's what I believe each of these DLLs are for:

  • Unicode - icudt38.dll, icuin38.dll, icuio38.dll, icule38.dll, iculx38.dll, icutest.dll, icutu38.dll, icuuc38.dll

  • OpenSSL - libeay32.dll, ssleay32.dll

  • Spell checking abstraction layer - libenchant.dll, libenchant_ispell.dll, libenchant_myspell.dll

  • PostgreSQL - libpq.dll

  • Cyrus SASL (LDAP, etc.) - libsasl.dll

  • For use when embedding PHP5 - php5embed.lib

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Thankyou so much, where would the Spell Checking be used ? – RobertPitt Feb 6 '11 at 21:07
@RobertPitt These are presumably for the Enchant spelling library and Pspell extensions. – middaparka Feb 6 '11 at 21:09

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