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I have a database table that looks something like this:

User   | Group  
Bob    | test1  
Susy   | test 1  
Martha | test 2  
Bill   | test 3  
Jake   | test 3  

I want to output all values from the group column, but repeat none. My goal output is this:

test1, test 2, test 3

Is there an easy way to do this via PHP?

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You have plenty of ways to do this, either pure SQL or PHP. Here are three:


SELECT `Group` FROM Users GROUP BY `Group`



Using array_unique() native php method

By the way, don't use reserved sql keywords as column or table names.

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the key is that the SQL command should contain the DISTINCT keyword:

select distinct group from tableName
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You could import the read values from the MySQL table into a local (php code) based array, then run through the array to see if the value being checked has already been read, if not then echo.

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Change the name of the field from Group to something else or you might end up with problems

$data = mysql_query("Select distinct Group from table") or die(mysql_error());
while($row = mysql_fetch_array($data))
     echo $row["Group"];
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