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I'm learning how to use box2d but I don't understand how collisions work at all. Can someone give an in depth explanation on how they work. I've looked at the documentation for contact listeners but I only vaguely understand them and have no idea how to actually use them.

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The idea is that you can implement your own listener by inheriting from b2ContactListener. Like this:

class MyListener : public b2ContactListener {
    virtual void Add (b2ContactPoint *point);
    virtual void Persist (b2ContactPoint *point);
    virtual void Remove (b2ContactPoint *point);
    virtual void Result (b2ContactPoint *point);

MyListener has to define these functions. To start, you can just have them print some debug text. You then tell Box2D that you want to use this listener, like this:

MyListener listener;

Now, listener will get a callback for every collision, with all the info about it in the b2ContactPoint.

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