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Disclaimer: I'm not seeking legal advice on this subject, merely opinion; although depending on the responses, I may seek legal advice.

My question is a two part question, so first I'll give some background information. My company has been tasked with developing an Android application that will use some server side backend code as a data source. The server side code will have a web administration interface, and use some icons. To keep the application experience consistent, I will be using some icons in both the Android app and on the administration web interface. I have found some icons I'd like to use (Oxygen icons from KDE), however they are licensed under the GPL. It should also be noted that in both cases, the applications will be closed source.

Part 1: For the web interface, the images will be "linked" into the application (using img tag). I may need to convert them to GIF to support transparency because older versions of IE may access the web interface. If I were to do this and zipped the original "source" PNGs and made them available via my client's website, and distributed that zip file with the web interface, then in my eyes, all requirements of the GPL license on those images would be satisfied. I've formed this veiw based on my reading of the Drupal license FAQ below, but I would like any additional input.

Part 2: For the Android app, the same icon files I mentioned would be in use in the app. The difference however, is that in this case, the image files would be compiled into the app itself. If I made an "About" or "Information" screen in the app and made it clear that the icons were GPL and provided a link to download their "source" PNGs on my client's website, would this satisfy the GPL license requirements?

I have tried doing additional research on this topic, however most of the links I get in searches aren't related to this topic. I've also looked at the links provided in the SO question referenced below, but found them to not contain the information I'm looking for.

SO question regarding GPL licensed images
Drupal license FAQ

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Turns out the Oxygen icon set is dual licensed, it can also be used under the creative commons attribution-sharealike 3.0 license, allowing it to be used in commercial works.

Although I would still like to know the opinions of others for work that isn't so clearly licensed.

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In general, ask the original author for permission, even in cases where GPL wouldn't allow it, there are times when the original author will specifically gives another app special permissions. –  Lie Ryan Feb 10 '11 at 8:47

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