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I need a workaround with this URL mapping in web.xml to create URLs with a letter, followed by a "_" followed by any combination of alphanumeric characters.

I want to map a servlet to something like this:


Instead of:


Using different "somethings" for different JSP's. Example:


I tried using:


But this doesn't seem to work. This answer tells me I can't do this within web.xml, so maybe there's some workaround.

I don't know if this information is important, but I'm using JBoss and Struts2 in my project.

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Map a servlet to the containing directory. Inside that servlet, take apart the URL path and forward to the appropriate named servlet.

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Why not try Spring MVC Framework. Spring can offer that url mapping you want.

@RequestMapping(value="/something_{name}", method=RequestMethod.GET)
public String demo(@PathVariable(value="name") String name, ModelMap map) {

String something = name;

// Do manipulation

return "something"; // Forward to something.jsp

Watch this Spring MVC Framework Tutorial

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