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How do I extract the data from that XML object, which is a value of a certain array:

Array ( 
   [Title] => SimpleXMLElement Object ( 
      [0] => The Key of Life; A Metaphysical Investigation 
   [ASIN] => SimpleXMLElement Object ( [0] => 0982385099 ) ...

I did a foreach of the array like:

foreach ($ArrayName as $FieldLabel => $FieldValue) { 
     $Variable = $FieldValue[0]....

...but still, it gets the whole XML object as the field value. I wanted it to extract the value only not the whole object.

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All simple xml objects are iteratable. Basically think of any object as a set, and some set's just happen to contain one object.

To extract your value do this

foreach($title as $item)
   $list_of_titles = (string) $item;

So basically I typecast every item into a string from an object.

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great!!!thanks alot! –  JCm Feb 7 '11 at 5:27

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