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I'm using a bat file to perform an automatic upload of txt files to a ftp server every 60 seconds

This is the code

@echo off
rem 1. When scheduled task is executed, this bat file move any txt files to filesSource1\temp directory
rem    and save the path of moved file in logftp.txt

move /Y C:\FilesSource1\*.txt C:\FilesSource1\temp\ >> C:\FilesLog\logftp.txt
move /Y C:\FilesSource2\*.txt C:\FilesSource2\temp\ >> C:\FilesLog\logftp.txt
move /Y C:\FilesSourceN\*.txt C:\FilesSourceN\temp\ >> C:\FilesLog\logftp.txt

rem 2. Then apply ftp sentence in temp directory to send the file added to this directory
rem 3. After, we move the file sent to filesSource[index]\temp\sent directory

cd C:\FilesSource1\temp\
ftp -s:C:\ftpUsersAndPasswords\ftpUserAndPassword1.txt IP_Server 
move /Y C:\FilesSource1\temp\*.txt  C:\FilesSource1\temp\sent\ >> C:\FilesLog\logftp.txt

cd C:\FilesSource2\temp\
ftp -s:C:\ftpUsersAndPasswords\ftpUserAndPassword2.txt IP_Server 
move /Y C:\FilesSource2\temp\*.txt  C:\FilesSource2\temp\sent\ >> C:\FilesLog\logftp.txt
cd C:\FilesSourcN\temp\
ftp -s:C:\ftpUsersAndPasswords\ftpUserAndPasswordN.txt IP_Server 
move /Y C:\FilesSourceN\temp\*.txt  C:\FilesSourceN\temp\sent\ >> C:\FilesLog\logftp.txt
sleep 60
goto run_batch

this is the content of any ftpUserAndPassword[index].txt

mput *

As you see, i need to do this changes because i need to send only new files.

And also i need to automate the scheduling of task.

So it works, but:

  1. When .bat runs, a cmd window prompt every time.

  2. I don't now if the sent was succesfully done

  3. I need know if the paths used in my code exists, if not, i must be created.

I want make a FTP/SFTP Uploader which sits in my system tray and uploads files in a folder of new or/and changed files and it must run on background.

I have some ideas, provided by Does anyone have a FileSystemWatcher-like class in C++/WinAPI?


DOS Batch command to process 1 file at a time

Have you already done a similar work?

Please help me to do that! Any help will be appreciated.

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Do you need to use a batch-file? – alexn Feb 7 '11 at 5:11
No! I need to do that, but i'm a amateur programmer and i don't know how to do it in other way! If you have ANY other better option, it will be appreciated. – jechaviz Feb 7 '11 at 5:50
Implementing it as a C# console application should not be hard at all. You can use the built in FileSystemWatcher and FtpWebRequest to handle all your logic. – alexn Feb 7 '11 at 11:00
@Alexn I Know, i know, but if you or someone else could guide me to do it, i'll be grateful. Thank you for your time and expertise. – jechaviz Feb 7 '11 at 15:11

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