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Hi Stackoverflow experts, I'm trying to create a report using iReport-3.6.7 IDE. I've added a dataset which I used for filling the values into a Table in the report's Details section. Everything is fine with the report compilation. But problem is that when I run the report in the IDE, it displays entire values as much is the number of tupples in the source table. i.e. if my table in source database has 16 tupples, then in iRepoort IDE the table is repeated 16 times. Please, don't tell me I'd place it in other sections eg. Table Header, Table Footer, etc.

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I'm sorry StackOverflow team and experts to bother with that question. Actually I now learnt that obstacle was caused due to my bad approach of report design. Since everything we put into the Detail band of iReport gets populated at run-time, so my table(which I'd put in Detail band of report) got populated as many times as of the tuple returned by report's query. I apologize for that question. I'm very happy to be guided by the StackOverflow Team and Experts. Thank you all!

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I had the same problem, I fix it, editing the query SQL in the subreport 1 in the header space, ande the supreport2 in the detail space, if your table is large and you put in the header space , then will give you an error like this "infinite loop creating new page due to column header overflow"

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