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I have an array of arrays and I would like to remove all the items that have elements which are nil or empty after stripping spaces. Look at this snippet:

x = Array.new
x << ["A","B", " ", "D"]
x << ["","  ", nil, ""]
x << ["E","Q", "F", "M"]

I would like to remove the second record because, it contains no real data.

What would be the best way to do this? Should I simply iterate over the array and and write if-else conditions to test?

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If using plain Ruby, you can do

x.reject{ |arr| arr.all? {|elem| elem.nil? || elem.strip.empty? }}

If using rails, thanks to the helper methods you can do

x.reject{ |arr| arr.all?(&:blank?) }

The key methods are reject and blank?

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just note that you can use reject! (with !) if you prefer to edit your array instead of creating a new one –  Luis Feb 7 '11 at 9:59
x.reject { |a| a.join.strip.length == 0 }
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If first array will contain nil, when Chubas variant don't work. Lets slightly modify it:

(using rails)

x.compact.reject{ |arr| arr.all?(&:blank?) }
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