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Is there a way to make the whole array content and make it a string so that i can save it. the string i want to save is same with the output of print_r( $Array ) function.

Array ( 
    [0982385099] => Array ( 
         [Title] => The Key of Life; A Metaphysical Investigation
         [ISBN] => 0982385099 
         [Author] => Randolph J. Rogers 
         [SalesRank] => 522631 ...

I'dd like to have that kind of string saved on a different file( a txt or php file) which will be made by the program that I'm doing.

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$str = var_export($array, true);
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I would use json_encode. That is because every browser can parse it.



$ar = array(
    "1" => "Hello world!",
    "2" => 2

echo json_encode($ar);


{"1":"Hello world!","2":2}
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Well you can use serialise() function to convert an array into string.

e.g. we have an array $arr

$arr = Array(

"0" => "Dipendra",

"1" => "Kshitiz",

"2" => Kushal,

"3" => Nirmal,

"4" => Prabin,

"5" => Prakash,

"6" => Sujit


echo serialise($arr);

Now if we use serialise() function for this array we can view the following output


Thus we can use the array as a string.

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The same way you can implement serialize() function for multidimensional array –  coosal Feb 7 '11 at 9:40

Passing true as second parameter to the function print_r will allow you to capture the output of print_r.

$str = print_r($arr, true);
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