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I am trying to compile a simple curse project with Xcode.
The program compiles fine with g++ in terminal with the flag -lcurses, and runs fine.

Started of by creating a Command Line Tool with type c++.
imported curses.h into my main.
In the Target"program"Info -> General -> Linked Libraries, libCurses.dylib has been added.

It compiles fine but the terminal window will not open.
In the Debug Console the output is,

Program loaded.
[Switching to process 3424]
Error opening terminal: unknown.

I can go to build folder and just open the program in terminal but is there any way for xcode to open the terminal?

Thanks for any help!

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There is no terminal to attach to in the Xcode IDE. Instead run the program from a shell (via Terminal application)


If you want to use the IDE debugger (which is just gdb) you can attach to the process. Fist get the process id,

gdb> attach mypid

For a more convenient method, I'll quote Step into Xcode: Mac OS X development

Open the Executables group in the Groups & Files list, select the application, open an Info window, and in the Debugging tab, uncheck Start executable after starting debugger. When you're ready to debug, start the debugger, and then then launch the target application in its friendly environment. In the debugger's gdb console, type attach myprogram, and your debugging sesssion is under way.

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