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I am creating a standalone (no DLLs) windows C/C++ program that uses HTTP POST to periodically send data to an HTTP server. I identified libCURL as the HTTP client library as it seems simple and reliable.

I still need to identify the environment (an IDE) which I can use to develop my project. My program has:

  1. poller- which checks the status of the connection

  2. a file writer when polled link is down

  3. a component which POSTs the file when link is up

What is the appropriate IDE for this project? I heard endorsements for DevC++ and Visual C.

I am a newb to coding and this site. Pardon me if I am unclear in anything.

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Any IDE will fit your need. Just install one of them and start coding.

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Try CodeBlocks. It is light, more easy to work with and has more features than Dev C++.

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And can it statically compile libcurl easily, so that my .exe will be standalone? – aitchnyu Feb 8 '11 at 5:40
I think you can add compiler options to do that. You may even set the build command. – N.R.S.Sowrabh Feb 13 '11 at 6:20

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