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Even though the HTML/CSS page is 100% valid according to http://validator.w3.org/ the page may still be broken in some browsers (*cough* IE7 *cough*).

Is there a unittest / validation tool that parses the html, css and javascript and searches the DOM for known browser bugs. Like using "position: relative" in combination with jQuery.slideUp()

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That's hard with static analysis. You could have position: relative in a class you applied via an event handler to several elements, one of which you later selected by id and called slideUp() on. The validation tool you want would need the facilities of a browser and need to trigger all kinds of events to find those dangerous patterns.

Because Microsoft browsers are so excellent and are likely to give you a handful of new problems no one else has ever encountered before, it's hard to avoid spending time testing by hand; and on your way to finding crashes they crafted just for you, you'll catch the more mundane ones.

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Only way i can think of to get it working is to create a Firebug extension that analyses a live DOM. –  Bob Fanger Feb 8 '11 at 10:49

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