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i want to define something similar to a computation method:

NSString *format = @"%d + 1";

In my code i want to do something like:

int computedNumber = sum(format,5) => the result should be 6.

could you give some suggestions? thank you

EDIT: or something similar to: NSNumber *no = [NSNumber numberWithFormat:format,5];

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It is not normally possible, however there have been written parsers for this specific tasks, to mention DDMathParser by SO user Dave DeLong.

But for what task do you really need this? You have the + operator, and then you perform the sum function? Couldn't you simply parse the number at the end of the format, then perform the operation you'd like?

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i hoped that iOS has a magic piece of code that could do something similar. i'll parse the string and perform the specified operation. but it would have been cool to do something like that :) –  Sorin Antohi Feb 7 '11 at 10:00

Using Macro can be an alternative solution to your problem. You can define a macro like the following,

#define INC(a) (a + 1)

Here, INC and a are user-defined. You can give them any name you want. Compiler will substitute (a + 1) in your code, where ever you call INC(a). For example, consider the following,

int computedNumber = INC(5);

After the compilation the code will be,

int computedNumber = (5 + 1); // the result during the execution is 6.
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