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We are developing a wireless n/w configuration UI and need to check if a SSID is a valid one? Are there any restrictions on the character set? length ? anything more..

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Section of the 802.11-2007 specification (http://standards.ieee.org/getieee802/download/802.11-2007.pdf) defines SSIDs.

A valid SSID is 0-32 octets with arbitrary contents. A 0-length SSID indicates the wildcard SSID (in probe request frames for instance).

There's no character set associated with the SSID - a 32-byte string of NUL-bytes is a valid SSID.

This implies:

  • you should never use normal string functions when manipulating generic SSIDs (strcpy() and friends).

  • you should not assume that the SSID is printable when, for instance, logging it to disk

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There's updated version of standard ( standards.ieee.org/getieee802/download/802.11-2012.pdf ), which defines SSIDEncoding field. It can be UNSPECIFIED ( for arbitrary data ) or UTF8. –  Andrey Starodubtsev Jan 22 '13 at 14:51

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