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I have C++ static libraries and executable that uses them, each one is in a seperate folder. Each such project can be built in Debug or Release configuration, when the files hierarchy is like the following: Static_Lib1\Debug\staticlib1.a
//same for all other static libraries

All Debug and Release folders contain makefiles.
I'm trying to write an external makefile to call each one of the internal projects, using the selected configuration - debug or release.
So, I tried something like:

CFG= #empty declaration  
PROJECTS=Static_Lib1 Static_Lib2 ... Executable
  release #default config is release  

  CFG = Release  
  make build-all  

  CFG = Debug  
  make build-all  

  make clean  
  $(foreach projectName, $(PROJECTS), cd $(projectName)/$(CFG) && make all;)

But I get this output when trying, for example, to run make debug:

CFG = Debug  
make: CFG: Command not found  
make: *** [debug] Error 127 

How can I fix this?
My OS is SLED 11x64.

Thank you in advance!

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Change it to:


  make CFG=Release build-all  

  make CFG=Debug build-all  

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Thank you very much! – Allen L Feb 7 '11 at 10:49
Thats pointless. All that does is recall the makefile. You might as well get rid of both the release and debug targets and call make CFG=WHATEVER build-all directly – Eddie Monge Jr Apr 11 '11 at 20:30

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