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I have this full text FREETEXTTABLE search query on sqlserver 2005:

    e.entityId as Id, 
    MAX(ISNULL ( a.[RANK], 0 )) as rank2
FROM Entities e
    LEFT JOIN FREETEXTTABLE(Entities, Name, '4 to 10') as a ON a.[KEY] = e.entityId
WHERE (ISNULL ( a.[RANK], 0 )) > 0
GROUP BY e.entityId

So I am searching for all entities with name '4 to 10'. And even though they exist, with exactly that name, they are not found. If I plug in any other name (with letters only) it works.

So I would say the issue is doing FREETEXTTABLE searches with digits (numbers)

Any help greatly appreciated


UPDATE: and this works as expected: select * from Entities where Name = '4 to 10'.

UPDATE 2: When I have an entity with '10 to 12' it works with FREETEXTTABLE. So this is only for single digit numbers, it must be getting ignored when full text search catalog is created, any ideas how to avoid it.


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'to' is a noise word. Are numbers somehow modified using a full-text search as well? Have you tried a LIKE or CONTAINS just to make sure it's not some other oddity? –  jswolf19 Feb 7 '11 at 11:02
so when i search for 10 to 12 it works. it's single digit numbers, but i need to find them as well. –  Massive Boisson Feb 7 '11 at 11:14
THEY ARE IN NOISE FILE –  Massive Boisson Feb 7 '11 at 11:21

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