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Sorry i dont have anything to show on this but everything i have tried fails.

I have an array which is returned as part of an object. I need to loop through the values and place them in variables then print them on the page.

[Required] => Array
        [0] => stdClass Object
                [Field] => Field1
                [Question] => Question1
                [DataType] => Boolean

        [1] => stdClass Object
                [Field] => Field2
                [Question] => Question2
                [DataType] => varchar

        [2] => stdClass Object
                [Field] => Field3
                [Question] => Question3
                [DataType] => Boolean

        [3] => stdClass Object
                [Field] => Field4
                [Question] => Question5
                [DataType] => Int


so for example i would like to print out

Field1 is Boolean Field2 is varchar.. etc

Your kind assistance will be greatly appreciated

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Required is an object property, so use $object->Required... it's values are an array, so use foreach; the elements you want are also properties, so

foreach($object->Required as $needed) {
    echo $needed->Field,' is ',$needed->DataType,"\n";
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Thanks so much. This works and i learned a lot about how to handle this sort of data. Very much appreciated. –  user606336 Feb 8 '11 at 0:18

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