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I want to use the coding4fun AboutPrompt declared in XAMl instead of C#. I need something like this in my MainPage.XMAL:

<c4fControls:AboutPrompt x:Name="prompt" Visibility="Collapsed" Title="AboutPrompt declared in XAML" WaterMark="No Watermark">
                    <TextBlock Text="This is the first tect in the Body section."/>

After that i want to show the AboutPrompt in the standard way:

 private void aboutPrompt1_Click(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e)

                    prompt.Visibility = visibility.Visible;

The problem is that I get the Element is already the child of another element. exception.

I know that I can use the VisualTreeHelper to workaround this but I need an elegant solution.

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The AboutPrompt control is designed to be used with a fixed set of inputs: either a an author anme, twitter name, email address, and website URL, or a list AboutPersonItem[] instances, which are then rendered in the content of the popup.

If you want a customized about prompt that does not follow the Coding4Fun AboutPrompt style, then I would suggest that you use the Popup<T, TPopupResult> class instead.

There's a translation of an Italian blog post and an overview of the Coding4Fun toolkit which both discuss the AboutPrompt if you need any further help.

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Thank you for your help. Actually here is an in depth article about the AboutPrompt and a workaround with – Boryana Miloshevska Feb 7 '11 at 13:12
Glad you got where you needed to. Thanks for the link. – Derek Lakin Feb 7 '11 at 13:32

I managed to figure it out with a simple UserControl. (I mean setting the Body content of the AboutPrompt)

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