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when generating my localization files I get one file by language. I would like to get several files, e.g. one for the country names, one for my category names and one for the rest. How can I do that?


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Consider splitting the models, fixtures, or wherever your strings originate, to separate applications. Each application has their own .po-file.

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That is the way Django works. makemessages parses all relevant files and will generate a single .po file in the end. If you want to change this, you'll probably need to dig into Django's source (source of makemessages command for a start).

But what is the problem you're trying to solve here? If you want to split the .po files to ease maintenance, you might want to look at apps like Rosetta. They provide you with a web interface to update your translations.

Django itself recently switched to Transifex for its translations, an open platform for collaborative work.

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The problem I want to solve is the reusability of part of the localized text, such as country or category names. –  jul Feb 7 '11 at 12:00

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