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Because of several dependencies in the libraries my company uses internally, I have to compile postgresql-8.4.7 for Windows using Visual Studio 2005. I read the documentation and adapted the paths in the script according to our internal dependencies.

When I try to build postgresql-8.4.7 I can see that the paths are copied correctly (all of the generated *.vcproj files contain the correct paths) but for e.g. OpenSSL a library named ssleay32MD.lib is included, not ssleay32.lib which we use internally.

Is this just a question of changing paths and library names and if so which files do I have to edit? I searched the postgresql directory via grep for all possible combinations of the name and fragments of its name, unfortunately to no avail.

I would appreciate a good link or a hint for what I should search.

Thanks in advance!

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It might be in the Visual Studio linker settings? Try adding the path of the file you want.

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postgesql uses Perl to preconfigure the settings and run the actual build process from comand line. Every change I make to the Visual Studio settings is overwritten in the build process. I think the paths and names are incorrect before the *.vcproj files are generated. I have never compiled postgesql before so everything is new and I might miss something obivious. Thank you for your answer! – Nele Kosog Feb 8 '11 at 8:03

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