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I have one large string which goes like this:

$string = '<span id="nothread307693965">blabla here is a lot of text blabla<span id="nothread5248574987">blabla even more text<span id="nothread9754541">';

I now need to get all the numbers from the threads. ('' --> '307693965'). For this I need a stringbetween search in PHP which should return all the numbers in an array.

Output should be:

array(3) {

This is the place I'm stuck, please help me out!

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You can use string functions. But for extraction purposes a simple regular expression is advisable for minimal structure verification:

 preg_match_all('/[\s]id="nothread(\d+)"/', $html, $result);
 $numbers = $result[1];

The \s means space. And the \d+ matches decimals. The ( ) braces are used for capturing, and because they are the first, their content will show up in index [1] of the result array.

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preg_match_all('/nothread([0-9]{5,})/', $string, $matches);

$matches now contains what you wanted.

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