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EDITED 2 : This question is answered, not yet completed, but the solution presented by @vpit3833 work the way I need it. So, call emacs this way emacs -nw --no-site-file. This suppress the error message, and the .emacs still called. However, I still can not found the reason of the error anyway. Any suggestion? But not a bounty this time. Thanks!

EDITED 1 : I set a bounty to this question for anyone who can solved this problem. Because it's quite annoying when I startup Emacs, and I must load-file .emacs manually. Thanks

Hello all,

I use Emacs Native Windows application. It runs well. But now it will not read my .emacs, and always show error message :

if: Wrong number of arguments: #[(type level message &rest args) "ÄÅÆ  
##" [type message args level display-warning apply format] 6 ("c:/Development/Tools/emacs-23.2/lisp/emacs-lisp/warnings.elc" . 8481)], 2

Everything seems runs ok. But after I install Emacs W32, and Ergo Emacs, and uninstall both of them, now the Emacs Native Windows Applications display that error.

What's been wrong?

Thanks you

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Appears as if Emacs W32 or Ergo Emacs is not properly uninstalling itself. Can you post the stacktraces you would get up on starting emacs as in emacs --debug-init and emacs --debug-init -q? The stacktraces should point to the place that is offending. – vpit3833 Feb 24 '11 at 7:48
ow, okay! I will posted it here right away, as it happened only in my office workstation. Thanks! – swdev Feb 24 '11 at 15:10
well, no. The message show this : if: Wrong number of arguments: #[(type level message &rest args) "ÄÅÆ ##" [type message args level display-warning apply format] 6 ("c:/Development/Tools/emacs-23.2/lisp/emacs-lisp/warnings.elc" . 8481)], 2 It's the same as previous :) – swdev Feb 25 '11 at 1:56
If you got this error on starting Emacs as in emacs --debug-init, it most likely means there is an if statement in your ~/.emacs or ~/.emacs.d/init.el that is not properly formed. Do you get a different error message for emacs --debug-init -q? – vpit3833 Feb 25 '11 at 3:00
Alright, the default.el could be having the offending if. If adding (setq inhibit-default-init t) in your ~/.emacs stops the error message, it is default.el you need to find and fix the offending code. Or, if in the unlikely event that it (the offending if) is in site-start.el, fix that file (if starting emacs --no-site-file stops the error, that is). In both the cases, I don't know the path to those files on Windows systems. – vpit3833 Feb 25 '11 at 9:44

Sounds like either an error in your .emacs, or something got installed to a system config file by Emacs W32 or Ergo Emacs that is now being picked up by your native Emacs app. From the message itself, the problem is probably with a badly-formatted (if ...) statement.

You can check if the problem is with your .emacs by running Emacs with the -q option, which I guess in Windows you do from the "Run Program" option of the start menu?

emacs -q

If that works properly, the problem is in your .emacs. If you still get the problem, try

emacs -Q

which will ignore all config files on your system. If emacs -Q solves the problem, then the issue is with the system-wide config, but I'm not sure where that is in Windows.

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thanks tyler. The -q doesn't work. I already temporarily move my .emacs file outside my HOME path. But the -Q solve it just fine. Now, I wonder where the system wide config that made this. Maybe it's from my user directory (which is somewhat confusing in Windows, as it always change for each version) – swdev Feb 8 '11 at 3:14

I have the same problem. What happened to me is I kept the "site-lisp" folder from EmacsW32 to keep my configurations. And the EmacsW32 "site-start.el" here looks like:

; ****** Added by emacsw32-setup-base at Mon Nov 01 16:16:09 2010
;; Add EmacsW32/lisp to load-path if found.

It works after I delete this specific part.

Hope it help.

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Try to set the HOME environment variable explicitly to point to your .emacs file.

I launch my Emacs from a batch on Windows or a shell script on Unix. Windows batch look like this

set drive=D:
set home=u:\Oleg

set emacs_home=%drive%\Soft\Emacs
set cygwin_home=C:/cygwin
set utils=%drive%\utils
set path=%utils%;%cygwin_home%\bin;%utils%\7-Zip;%utils%\gnu-win32;%utils%\putty;%path%
set temp=d:/temp/

%emacs_home%\emacs-23.2\bin\runemacs.exe --debug-init

This way I can easily modify HOME, PATH and other environment variables depending on computer I'm working on.

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It doesn't work. I've try with runemacs.exe and also with emacs.exe (because I like to run it in -nw environment). Both still display the error message. If this is a home computer, maybe I will reinstall Windows. But this is office computer, so IT guy would dislike my alternative :) – swdev Feb 23 '11 at 3:28
btw, i just test the -l switch, so to run emacs, I use this emacs -nw -Q -l e:\.emacs. Well, the first thing I notice is, my emacs in that Dos Prompt, can display lightcolor (so there is lightred). This is quite a solution, altough I am not sure, wether the -Q switch is safe enough. Btw, I still open a bounty for this question. As I still curious of why it behave like that... – swdev Feb 23 '11 at 3:37
I added a bit. That emacs customization can not save my customization for future session. This is maybe due to the fact that .emacs is not read automatically. – swdev Feb 23 '11 at 8:44
Have you tried to change the HOME directory? It might be just a question of permissions or something. – Oleg Pavliv Feb 23 '11 at 12:36
Already :) Previously it's in E:\Projects, now it's in E:\. Maybe I should try to move it to C:\xxx. Thanks – swdev Feb 24 '11 at 14:36

I had the identical problem. Thanks vpit3833 for helping me, at least with my problem. EmacsW32 created a directory called C:\site_lisp. It apparently doesn't remove that directory during an Uninstall. I actually have multiple version of Emacs for Windows. When I tried all of them, they all had the same problem described above. I used the suggestion of doing "emacs --no-site-file". That seemed to work and indicated that there's a site file somewhere on my computer. I searched for it, discovered the site_lisp directory. Removing that directory, which wasn't there before, helped get my Emacs back in order again.

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I just installed the 64-bit Emacs for Windows ( and encountered this same error. Turns out that site-lisp/site-start.el had this incorrect elisp:

(lwarn "Can't find %s" lisp-dir)

Looking at the warning.el code, this doesn't match the function parameters. I changed the line to this:

(lwarn '(emacsw32) :warning "Can't find %s" lisp-dir)

and the load error went away.

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