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I can create an MVVMLight phone app in VS2010. It runs as it should. I can open it in Blend 4. That's all fine.

When I create a new WP7 MVVM project in Blend, several things are wrong: 1. Just compiling, get "A start page has not been specified...." WMAppManifest.xml has incomplete Task section. NavigationPage attrib. with MainPage.xaml is not there. 2. When I manually fix that and build, I get "Project could not be built." It references Microsoft.Phone.Controls.dll and Microsoft.Phone.Control.Navigation (no .dll--and not found, of course).

A non-MVVM Blend phone project correctly references Microsoft.Phone.dll (and Microsoft.Phone.Interop.dll). And it works fine.

Where have I gone wrong in my MVVM installation for Blend 4?


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Unfortunately, the newest version of Blend 4 for Windows Phone 7 does not support custom template. What you see now in Blend are the old project templates.

I am aware that the install process at the moment is terrible, and I am working with members of the community to solve that issue (including cleaning up old files).

In the mean time, if you want to clean up old files, there is a list at http://www.galasoft.ch/mvvm/cleaning. Again, sorry that the process is manual at this time.

Cheers, Laurent

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Laurent, I don't quite understand. Are you saying I can make things work correctly by removing some things? The .../cleaning page is too comprehensive for me to be able to decipher. Or should I just continue to start in VS and then move to Blend 4? –  Jerry Rubin Feb 9 '11 at 11:33

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