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I have a homepage spec requiring two small forms, each with a <select> that allows a user to choose one of a number of "subjects" or "tags" and then be taken to a URL that looks like or Internally, these rewritten URLs are actually

If not for the rewritten URLs, I would do a straightforward GET from the form. However, I'm now looking for a best practice way of implementing these in an accessible manner.

My first thought is to do a post-redirect-get to simply translate the form fields into a the beautified URL, but I'm wondering if there's another way to do this without requiring the intermediary redirect page.

My gut tells me to use the PRG, but I wonder if it can be done properly with javascript. For accessibility reasons, I would rather not bind the <select> onchange to load the destination page. Would it still be accessible if I instead bound the <submit> onclick to change window.location.href rather than truly submitting the form?

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Best to implement both. Having javascript redirect the user using window.location.href is faster. For users with javascript disabled, the form will still work via PRG.

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