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I need to split a string like the one below, based on space as the delimiter. But any space within a quote should be preserved. There are two cases which needs to work

Case 1

research library "not available" author:"Bernard Shaw"


"not available" 
author:"Bernard Shaw" 

Case 2

research library "not available" author:Bernard


"not available" 

I am trying to do this with Javascript and regular expression.

var splitArray = query_string.match(/([^\s]*\"[^\"]+\")|\w+/g);

Case 1 works as required but Case 2 produces the result as below

"not available" 

I need both the cases to work with one Regex. Any ideas appreciated.

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[^"\s]+       # One or more non-space/non-quote characters
(?:"[^"]+")?  # optionally followed by a quoted string
|             # or
"[^"]+"       # just a quoted string.

Assuming that there are no escaped quotes within quoted strings.

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Thanks Tim. It works great. Looks to me the most comprehensive of all the answers. –  itsbalur Feb 7 '11 at 14:52

I've tested this regex here: rubular

update: you may want to include some more punctuation marks like ; , . ? !
e.g. research library! "not available" author:"Bernard Shaw" test1, test2; test2!

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thanks. it gives "author:" and "Bernard" separately when I try to put it in use. In Rubular, seems to work well though. –  itsbalur Feb 7 '11 at 14:54

This works, at least for your two cases:


see here

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thanks, it does work for my two cases. –  itsbalur Feb 7 '11 at 14:52

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