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I am doing an RT simulator in VC++ 6.0. whenever it is executed, without the Open Architecture Computer(OAC,it is the Bus Controller in the Flight) switched on, the program executes properly. But with the OAC ON, the program is giving Debug assertion failed- in Debug/.exe/wincore.cpp at line no. 980. what may be the problem? Please provide with the solution if possible.

This is the copmlete DestroyWindow function.

BOOL CWnd::DestroyWindow()
    if (m_hWnd == NULL)
        return FALSE;

    CHandleMap* pMap = afxMapHWND();
    ASSERT(pMap != NULL);
    CWnd* pWnd = (CWnd*)pMap->LookupPermanent(m_hWnd);
#ifdef _DEBUG
    HWND hWndOrig = m_hWnd;

    BOOL bResult = ::DestroyWindow(m_hWnd);
    BOOL bResult;
    if (m_pCtrlSite == NULL)
        bResult = ::DestroyWindow(m_hWnd);
        bResult = m_pCtrlSite->DestroyControl();

    // Note that 'this' may have been deleted at this point,
    //  (but only if pWnd != NULL)
    if (pWnd != NULL)
        // Should have been detached by OnNcDestroy
#ifdef _DEBUG
        ASSERT(pMap->LookupPermanent(hWndOrig) == NULL); //line 980
#ifdef _DEBUG
        ASSERT(m_hWnd == hWndOrig);
        // Detach after DestroyWindow called just in case
    return bResult;
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Can you give us more information? Like the full text of the error message? (Also, why is this tagged VS 2005 when you mention VC++ 6.0 in the question?) –  Cody Gray Feb 7 '11 at 14:40

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I think this problem has something to do with using CWnd::FromHwnd inappropriately, like storing the resulting pointer, and using it later. If something must be stored, it should be HWND, not CWnd*.

Another issue might be creating window in one thread and destroying it in another.

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