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I know that TypeSynomymInstances only allows fully applied type synonyms to be used in instance heads, but it seems like it would be handy if I could use paritally applied type synonyms to be used as well.

For instance:

class Example e where
  thingy :: a -> b -> e a b

-- legit, but awkward
newtype FuncWrapper e a b = FuncWrapper { ap :: a -> e a b }
instance (Example e) => Example (FuncWrapper e) where
  thingy _ = FuncWrapper . flip thingy
funcWrapperUse :: (Example e) => e Int String
funcWrapperUse = thingy 1 "two" `ap` 3 `ap` 4 `ap` 5

-- not legal, but a little easier to use
type FuncSynonym e a b = a -> e a b
instance (Example e) => Example (FuncSynonym e) where
  thingy _ = flip thingy
funcSynonymUse :: (Example e) => e Int String
funcSynonymUse = thingy 1 "two" 3 4 5
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Did you try -XTypeSynonymInstances in order to get your second version running (as suggested by GHC)? –  Landei Feb 7 '11 at 15:30
@Landel: It doesn't like the fact that FuncSynonym e isn't fully applied. Thus my question. –  rampion Feb 7 '11 at 15:44
This is (related to) ticket 785, which is marked as wontfix. –  Joachim Breitner Aug 5 '13 at 21:27
-XLiberalTypeSynonyms lets you write and pass type synonyms –  Boldizsár Németh Jul 17 '14 at 15:30

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Partially applied type synonyms are not allowed in Haskell at all. A partially applied synonym is effectively a function whose inputs are the un-applied types and whose output is a type. For example, here is an encoding of boolean logic:

type True x y = x
type False x y = y
type Not b x y = b y x
type And b1 b2 x y = b1 (b2 x y) y
type Or b1 b2 x y = b1 x (b2 x y)

To decide whether two partially applied type synonyms are equal, the type checker would have to decide whether functions are equal. This is a hard problem, and in general it is undecidable.

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Fair enough. In my example all I use it for is a simple substitution, so it'd be nice if there were an option to just allow that, but then again, I don't work on GHC :). Thanks! –  rampion Feb 7 '11 at 23:43

Another issue with allowing partially applied type synonyms is that they would make type inference and instance selection essentially impossible. For example, suppose in the context of some program I wanted to use thingy at the type Int -> String -> Int -> (Int, String). thingy has type forall a b e. a -> b -> e a b, so we can unify a with Int and b with String, but if e is allowed to be a partially applied type synonym, we could have

e = FuncSynonym (,)


e = FuncSynonym' Int (,) where type FuncSynonym' x f a b = x -> f a b

or even

e = Const2 (Int -> (Int, String)) where Const2 a x y = a

The problem of type inference would become even worse than deciding equality of functions; it would require considering all functions with specified output on a particular input, or similar more complicated problems (imagine simply trying to unify a b with Int).

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